PayPal Tracking Number: Update Order Status to Shipped

PayPal Tracking Number

Adding PayPal tracking numbers should be a valuable practice for your business. As a seller, you do not want your transaction to be not marked with a red flag. To avoid having to deal with red flags, chargebacks, and disputes, it is important to add tracking numbers to PayPal so that you can gain trust and unlock Seller Protection. Here we will explain how you can update all your store order’s tracking numbers to PayPal and update the order status to shipped.

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Update PayPal Tracking Numbers

Why should you sync your store’s tracking numbers with PayPal?

Customers want to be able to track their packages at all times. Especially when they do not know when their product will arrive. 

Sometimes, the whereabouts of the products can become important to know as well.

With the use of PayPal tracking numbers, customers have the luxury of checking various bits of information regarding their packages. 

All they have to do is enter the PayPal tracking number on the activity page and they will be able to check:  

  • Whereabouts of the package. 
  • The scheduled time their order will be successfully delivered.
  • The exact time their package began shipping.

What happens if you do not provide PayPal tracking number?

Without providing sufficient information, there will be very little trust between you (the seller) and PayPal. Since PayPal is not aware of you, you actually Shipped the product to the customer or delivered it.

Your funds may be stuck inside a reserve or your account may be put on hold as a result of a customer dispute or a red flag.

However, PayPal cannot manually keep an eye on and process the information for thousands of business services.  

That is why they use PayPal Server AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically govern all their security decisions such as account holds, reserves, etc.

PayPal AI relies on data points (correct tracking information for each order) to automatically verify your shipments directly with the relevant courier. 

If PayPal AI has sufficient data points, you will unlock Seller Protection.

So to make sure that you actually shipped the product, you will have to send tracking information for each order. 

This will take a lot of time and the process is certainly not easy for everybody.

PayPal Shipped Tracking Status Update

How to sync all your stores’ tracking numbers info with PayPal?

The easiest way to add tracking numbers for each transaction is to use Proveway – the best Shopify Application to provide tracking numbers to PayPal on autopilot.

Proveway is the only Shopify App that supports both payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal).

The best part is Proveway saves you lots of time by automatically sending the correct tracking numbers to PayPal.

add tracking info paypal stripe autopilot

And don’t worry about scaling your store as Proveway can sync unlimited trackings a month at just 9.99$ saving you thousands of 1,000$ and far better than having a hold. Weekly reports are also available for each submitted/synced order.

Proveway comes with a “7 days Trial”, while the plan starts at just 3.97$ and needs minimal permission for your PayPal and Stripe accounts.

But that’s not all, Proveway automatically syncs tracking info to PayPal & Stripe-like gateways for all your fulfilled orders after every 20 minutes.

Since Proveway helps in building trust with payment gateways, transactions (orders) will be protected by Seller Protection.

By automating the entire process, Proveway enables its users to spend their time on other important areas.

Here’s what people say about Proveway:

I was quite scared with PayPal holds and disputes when I settled up my dropshipping stores, But Proveway helped me sending the tracking numbers accurately to the PayPal”

-Grind Never Sleeps

“This app works well and makes PayPal Very happy. When my order is delivered this app allows me to access my PayPal funds faster and genuinely limits my PayPal Holds. I would recommend this app on my personal experience. Great Job!!!”

-My Bump Maternity

“Proveway really does the job for me, no more disputes because of wrong trackings. Used to add in all the trackings myself but now that is on autopilot”

paypal update tracking number order status

How to Manually Add Paypal Tracking Number

You can add your PayPal tracking number manually but this is quite complicated and is very time-consuming.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open PayPal and open the “Activity” page.
  2. You will be presented with a list of all your transactions. 
  3. Find the transaction that you wish to update and select “add tracking” from the dropdown list.
  4. Fill in all the details regarding the shipment carrier and all other relevant tracking information.
  5. Select “order processed” if you are selling an intangible product.
  6. Submit the form. Now your customer will receive an email that includes a tracking number, order status, and the details of the shipping company.
  7. Repeat this process for each transaction.

How does Seller Protection work?

PayPal Seller protection allows you to receive the full amount for each payment even if the buyer filed a dispute or requested a chargeback.

As a seller, you are protected from being penalized for unauthorized transaction claims by buyers.

No matter what happens, PayPal will help you get your money.

Here’s how it works:

  • PayPal will then try to qualify your transaction as eligible. Once that is done, your funds will be accessible shortly after.
  • You will be asked to provide information such as proof of information, proof of delivery, tracking numbers within a certain timeframe.
  • A temporary hold is placed on your funds in case a buyer files a claim or requests a chargeback

To unlock seller protection, you will have to send proof of shipment to PayPal for each transaction

By doing that, PayPal will create a tracking number for your transaction.

This process can take hefty amounts of time. That is why it is recommended to use a Shopify App like Proveway to automate this entire process.

PayPal currently uses deep learning and machine learning algorithms to combat fraud which is at an all-time high.

PayPal Server AI focuses on a user’s account health, account limitations, and most importantly, red flags.

To be on the safe side, always focus on maintaining seller protection as long as possible.


Hopefully, you now know why it is so important to sync and add all your tracking info with PayPal.

It can help prevent chargebacks, disputes, holdups, and red flags.

Although this can be done manually, it will most certainly take up extremely long periods of time.

That is why using an auto-sync Shopify App such as Proveway can help you improve cash flow and build trust with payment gateways.

So what did you like most about Proveway? 

Do let us know in the comment section down below

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