PayPal Tracking Number – How Customers Track Their Orders

PayPal Tracking

Customer always wants to track their orders so that they can rest assured after spending thousands of dollars on an expensive product/service. That’s why PayPal requires proof of shipment and proof of delivery for each order so that tracking information can be given to the customer.

The best thing about PayPal tracking numbers is that it allows sellers to unlock Seller Protection for their transactions in their PayPal account.

And customers just love seeing their orders marked shipped with PayPal Seller Protection as it proves that PayPal has verified the shipment, and they can track their package with the tracking number conveniently.

How customers can track their package using PayPal Tracking Number?

1. Open the PayPal Activity page: Here you will find a list of all your orders basically transaction as well as their status. If you would like to display older orders then go to the select list and choose the time period wherein the order was made

2. Select an order: Here you will find a list of all your orders as well as their PayPal order status. After opening the order, you will find various bits of information about the order such as delivery date, name of the shipping service used, shipment address. Only if the seller you bought from have shipped the item and have uploaded the tracking number information to PayPal. Else, the tracking information won’t be available.

3. Make sure to find the tracking number: Tracking numbers can be found on a customer’s email account where a message from PayPal will be seen (If seller has updated the tracking numbers to their PayPal Business account). It is possible to find the number on the PayPal transaction page as well.

4. Use the tracking PayPal number on the shipping company’s website: By doing this customers can track their orders directly on the courier’s website.

PayPal Tracking how to track order

How to add tracking numbers as a seller?

Doing this process manually will take a lot of time. Especially because of how confusing it is as many pieces of information will have to be specified. That’s why it’s best to let a specialized Shopify app such as Proveway take care of this entire process for you.

The easiest way to add tracking numbers on paypal is to use:

Proveway – the best shopify app to automatically sync tracking numbers with PayPal.

Proveway is the only app that supports both payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal). The best part is Proveway saves time by sending and uploading all your tracking numbers in one single click. And don’t worry about scaling your store as Proveway can sync up to unlimited trackings a month at a very affordable rate.

But that’s not all, Proveway automatically syncs tracking info to payment gateways for all your fulfilled orders after every 20 minutes. And Since Proveway helps in building trust with payment gateways, transactions will be protected by Seller Protection. By automating the entire process, Proveway enables its users to spend their time on other important areas of business.

The thing is PayPal cannot manually verify the information provided by thousands of businesses across the globe. That is why they rely on PayPal AI to automate this task.

PayPal AI relies on data points (correct tracking info) to verify your shipments with the courier. As soon as PayPal AI collects enough data points, you will be able to unlock Seller Protection. The problem is, sending the correct tracking info for each order will take huge amounts of time.

And, that’s where Proveway comes in and saves the day!


Hopefully, you now know how customers track their PayPal orders. Most of the time, they can track it from their PayPal activity page. And, thanks to the tracking number, they can also track orders on the courier’s website as well

If you are a seller and would like to add tracking numbers to your orders, be sure to check out Proveway.

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